Clista A. Calhoun Center
Clista A. Calhoun Center

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Rules & Regulations —

The Clista A. Calhoun Center will hereinafter be referred to as “Center.”


ADVERTISEMENTS…Lessee shall not circulate advertisements, tickets, or any other written material in or on Center grounds, including the parking lot area, without written permission from the Director.


ALCOHOL POLICY…No alcohol may be served or consumed at the Center unless stipulated in Lessee’s contract.  The presence of alcohol at any event will require security officers (off-duty DeSoto Sheriff’s Deputies or off-duty Mansfield Police Officers).  The Lesee is responsible for payment of security officers fees. The Director will determine the number of officers hired for each event and the hiring of officers.  The Lessee must make payment for the security fee in cash only, at the time of payment of rental balance due.  Two security officers per 150 attending is a good ratio.

The Lessee is responsible for any liability issues arising as a result of allowing alcohol consumption.  At NO time shall alcohol be served to individuals younger than twenty-one years of age.  Any violation of this rule (State Law) will result in immediate closure of the event, loss of payments paid or due, and lawful action will be taken.

If alcohol is found at a non-alcoholic event will result in your damage deposit being forfeited and could result in immediate closure of your event.

Absolutely NO ALCOHOL WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES AT ANY EVENT HONORING A MINOR!  Any violation of this rule will result in the immediate closure of the event and forfeiture of all payments paid and due!

There are three avenues for allowing alcohol at an event:

A business or individual who possesses a license to serve alcohol may be arranged to serve the event.  This license will be temporarily transferred to the Center site for the duration of the event. The licensee will be responsible for the serving of the alcohol.

  1. Any event where a ticket must be purchased to enter the event, and includes the serving of alcohol (at no additional cost to those attending), must make provision for alcohol to also be available outside the room of the event (at no additional charge).  This indicates that a purchase of the event ticket is not required for the consumption of alcohol.
  2. The Lessee or those attending the event may bring their own alcohol to consume during the event only.  No direct or indirect sales of alcoholic beverages will be allowed at any B.Y.O.B event.  The amount of alcohol consumed by any guest will be the responsibility of the Lessee and not the responsibility of the Center.  B.Y.O.B. is permitted only with Lessee’s permission.
  3. The Lessee can designate a person, of their own discretion, to pass out or pour alcohol; or they may stockpile the alcohol, allowing each person to get their own.  It will be the responsibility of the Contracted Customer and/or the Designated Server for the amount of consumption that is given or supplied to any guest and to maintain the restriction of service to minors, and NOT the responsibility of the Center for any liability issues.
  4. General access to Champagne fountains or punch bowls containing alcohol is the responsibility of the Lessee in regard to the restriction of service to minors.
  5. Alcohol (as well as food and drink) must be kept in the room(s) rented per the Agreement. No open alcohol containers will be permitted outside the room(s).  Failure to comply with this rule may result in the closure of the bar and possibly the event.  This includes no consumption of alcohol in the parking lot or other areas of the facility.
  6. Officers will be required 30 minutes prior to the start of the event and will be maintained thirty minutes following the conclusion of the event.


ANIMALS…No animals will be allowed into the facility other than trained service animals, or those designated participants in an animal show, without written permission of the director. According to ADA and Louisiana law, business owners/managers are not required to allow emotional support animals, only trained service animals.


AUDIO/VISUAL EQUIPTMENT…Equipment is available for rental on a first come, first served basis.  Items used by the Lessee which are damaged will be billed at current replacement costs plus additional handling charges.  Any request for sound or video equipment less than 24 hours prior to the event will not be accepted.

  1. Control of the master sound board will be left to the Center staff or their designee.  In the event of audio Equipment being present in a rented room, the Center staff will provide a preset master volume for the equipment.  Any additional adjustments may be made on the equipment available in the room.
  2. There will be no connecting to any Center electrical or communication systems without permission of the Director.  Any connection or disconnection to the Center equipment will be the responsibility of the Center staff.
  3. No person, firm, or corporation shall use any space of the Center without executing a written Center Agreement.  No verbal agreements for the use of the Center shall be valid.
  4. At no time shall a user sublease or assign its reservation to another individual, group or organization.
  5. User shall be permitted to use only the area(s) specified in the Center Agreement during the specified times.  Events may be scheduled back to back; therefore occupancy times of use must be strictly adhered to.
  6. User shall not do anything that will obstruct or interfere with the rights of the other Users.
  7. The Center and the premises shall be under the sole control of Center management; they shall have the right to enter all rooms at any and all times during the contracted rental period.
  8. No user shall have an attendance larger than the maximum occupancy load specified by Fire Code Regulations.
  9. The Center has the option to schedule events in the building simultaneously.


BANNERS, POSTERS, SIGNS…These objects are prohibited for distribution either inside or outside of the facility.  No signs, fliers, or banners may be hung with adhesives or adhesive tape on inside or outside walls.  All outside banners must be approved by the Director of the Center.


BOOKING POLICY…Events are booked into the Center on a first come – first served basis.  It is required that once a date is booked, the deposit is paid. The deposit amount will equal half ot the full cost of estimated rental.  Private events (i.e. wedding receptions, birthday parties) may be booked no more that twelve months (one year) in advance.  Corporate and civic organizations may book events up to two years in advance.  No event is considered booked or reserved until the reservation deposit is paid and an agreement is signed by both parties. All money involved in the event is to be paid in full a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to the event date.

The Center reserves the right to deny a booking for, due to, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • Disregard for persons or property while using the Center.
  • Conduct which could be deemed to be of a disruptive manner.
  • Failure to make full payment for any and all charges connected with Lessee’s use of the facility.
  • Issuance of payment that is not honored when presented for payment by Center.


DAMAGES…If the Center or any portion thereof,

  • Is destroyed or damaged by fire or other calamity so as to prevent the use of the leased premises for the purposes and during the periods specified in the lease, or
  • If the use of the leased premises by Lessee is prevented by an act of God, strike, lockout, material or labor restrictions by an governmental authority, civil riot, flood or any other cause beyond the control of the Center, then the lease will terminate.  The Center shall not be responsible to Lessee for any damages caused by reason of such termination except that any unearned portion of the rent due shall abate, or if previously paid, shall be refunded by the Center to Lessee.


BUILDING DISFIGURATION…No holes may be drilled, cored or punched anywhere on the premises, outside or within the building. No items may be attached by nails, tacks, push pins, screws, or tape to the walls. Painting is prohibited anywhere on the premises.  In order to secure extension cords, cables, or other items to the hard floor, only masking or painters tape may be used. Lessee is responsible for the repair or replacement of any damage or disfiguration to the facility.


CANCELLATIONS…Any cancellation over thirty (30) days prior to the event will receive  full refund.  Any cancellation thirty (30) days or less will lose the amount of the damage deposit. Any cancellation fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days prior to the event will receive a 50% refund of fees other than the damage deposit already paid.  Any cancellation less than fifteen (15) days prior to the event will receive NO REFUND.


CATERING/FOOD…The Director must be advised of any event which plans to serve food. All food brought into the Center (with the exception of cake) must be catered. A caterer is defined as an individual or business which has a health certificate and a tax I.D. for serving food. The Center has a current list of caterers available for your event, if needed. Persons who are participants to an event may cater the events. For more information call the Director 15 days in advance of the event.

  • No Caterer or Lessee may use the kitchen unless prior reservation has been made and appropriate rental fees have been paid.
  • The Caterer or Lessee will be responsible for the cleaning of the kitchen.
  • All garbage must be placed in appropriate containers and removed from the premises by the Lessee.  Spills must be cleaned up; tables, chairs, and counters must be wiped clean.


CHILDREN…Children must be supervised during all events and restricted to leased areas only.  Because more than one function/event can occur simultaneously in the facility, children cannot have open access to other areas. Children may NOT be left unattended or allowed to roam without adult or guardian supervision.  Should this situation arise during an event, the Lessee will be asked for their cooperation in controlling the children.  Children are NOT allowed in the Kitchen AT ANY TIME.


CLEANING…Lessee shall leave the facility in the same clean condition in which it was prior to the event.  All trash shall be removed during the event and immediately following the event to the outside receptacles.  All surfaces are to be cleaned of debris including floors, tables, chairs, and counters. 

  • Lessee must leave the premises in as good or better condition than that which existed prior to usage, which will include:
  • Clearing tables of any debris or food.
  • Taking down all decorations, removing personal belongings, equipment and supplies.
  • Removing all debris and trash from the floor of the room(s) used.
  • Placement of all garbage and trash into provided bags and placement into outside trash receptacle.


CONFETTI…Throwing rice, bird seed, confetti and live rose petals, as well as the use of “silly string” and sparklers is prohibited anywhere on the Center premises. Bubbles may be used inside or outside the building.  The damage deposit will be lost if a violation of this policy occurs.


CONNECTING TO ANY SYSTEM…You must have permission from the Center Director to connect to any of the facilities’ electrical or communication systems. Accessibility to equipment room and the utility boxes is prohibited.


COOKING…No cooking will be allowed in the kitchen.  The Center kitchen is used as a catering food preparation area only.  Cooking may be performed outside the building in the parking lot (i.e., on a trailer-contained grill, etc.). This must be requested in advance and approved by the Director of the Center.

No facility Lessee or his / her caterer will be allowed to use the kitchen unless a prior reservation has been made and the rental fees have been paid.  Food providers are allowed to bring coffee / tea pots and chafing dishes.  Facility Lessees unsure if an appliance is permitted in the facility should call the Director.


CORRIDORS AND HALLWAYS…Entrances, corridors, lobby and hallways are common spaces and are not part of any lease area. They may be used only with permission from the Director of the Center. Plants and plant material are permanent fixtures. They may only be moved for an event by the staff and with the permission from the Center Director.


DAMAGE DEPOSIT (REFUNDABLE)…Lessee must furnish the Center Director at least (30) days prior to the event a check, money order or cash in the amount specified in the contract as damage deposit.  This deposit will be refunded within thirty (30) days after the event, provided the facilities are returned in satisfactory condition and no additional charges accrue during the event. A check will be written to the individual, organization, or business making the initial deposit.


DECORATING…No decorations will be attached in or on the building without the approval of the Director.  Decorations or signs may not be attached by nails, tacks, push pins, screws, or tape. All decorations must be of non-flammable materials.  All equipment, decorations and personal items must be removed by the end of the contract period unless prior arrangements have been made with the Center Director.

Any Lessee wishing to decorate must do so within leased time or pay the overtime charge if after hours.  Decorating is possible when it does not interfere with another event.  The Lessee will be allowed to decorate the leased room on the day of their event, or may pay a half-day’s rent to decorate the day prior to the event, should the leased room not be reserved or occupied.

Lessee shall not obstruct the halls or ramps of the building or premises, or the sidewalk entrances or lobby.  The driveway is to be cleared of all vehicles immediately after being unloaded.  Lessee shall not permit any chairs or moveable seats to be or remain in the passageways, and such passageways shall be kept clear at all times.

  • There shall be NO pyrotechnics, fog, smoke or mist machines used in the Center.
  • Candles, lamps and other decorations with a flame are NOT permitted in the Center.  Battery operated candles will be allowed.  Any and all helium balloons shall be weighted and may not be filled with rice, confetti or live rose petals.  Flammable Sterno may be used to heat food only.
  • No spray painting is allowed inside the building.  No direct painting or spray painting on the grass or any hard surfaces is allowed on the outside area of the building or parking lots.  Any decorating prep using power tools or other un-affixed items on the outside premises must first have the approval of the Center Director.


DEPOSITS…All Center rentals require a deposit of 1/2 of the rental fee plus the damage deposit to reserve the selected event date.  A deposit is required to reserve the rental and guarantees the scheduled date for an event.


ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT…All electrical equipment must be U.L. and City of Mansfield approved.   Access to equipment rooms and utility boxes is prohibited without authorization from a facility official.


EQUIPMENT…Only Center personnel or authorized individuals shall be permitted to setup, breakdown, or rearrange Center-owned furniture and equipment.  Lessee may not move tables, stage, or curtains before, during or after an event.  No equipment may be brought in by the Lessee without permission of the Director. The Lessee shall be responsible for all damages of the Center’s personal property before, during and after the time of the Lessee’s use of the premises.


EXHIBIT BOOTHS…Below are regulations that will be enforced during all events.  It is requested that this information be listed in show brochures, programs and/or exhibitor packets. It is your responsibility to inform your exhibitors and personnel associated with your event of these regulations.

  1. Holes may not be drilled, cored or punched in or on the outside of the building and premises.
  2. No adhesive backed (Stick-on) decals or similar items may be distributed, affixed or used in or on the building premises.
  3. Decorations, signs, banners, etc., may not be taped, nailed , tacked, stapled, or otherwise fastened to ceiling, walls, doors, painted surfaces, or columns.


EXIT DOORS / AISLE SPACES…A ten (10) foot clearance space on both sides (egress and ingress) of each entry way with no physical obstructions must be maintained at all times.  All Exit Doors must remain unlocked during all event hours.  Aisle space must be a minimum of five (5) feet.


EVENT ACCESSIBILITY…The Center staff must have complete accessibility to all meeting areas, kitchen areas, corridors and hallways before, during, and after all events.  (The Center Director must authorize in writing any exclusivity to an area).


FEES…Full payment are required least fifteen (15) days prior to any event. Bank Draft, Money Orders, Cashier’s Check, Personal or Corporate Checks and Cash will be accepted methods for payment.


FIRE SAFETY…All fire exits and aisles must be clear and unobstructed at all times.  No exposed flame will be permitted.  Certain materials such as foams, films and plastics may not be permitted because of their flammability.  Please consult the Center Director before application of plastics is planned.

Due to fire issues please consult the Center Director regarding the use of any plastic decorating materials.

The Center reserves the right to inspect the premises for fire hazards.  Any circumstances which are deemed to pose a potential threat to safety by the Center staff or the Fire Department can cause the event to be closed to the public.  The Lessee will not be released from the responsibility of their contract if they have ignored or blatantly disregarded fire safety rules.

  1. Fire extinguishers must be visible and accessible at all times.
  2. Exit signs and/or emergency lights must remain visible and accessible at all times.
  3. Extension cords must be U.L. rated heavy-duty cords of sufficient size to accommodate electrical load.  Cords may not be placed under carpets or in high traffic areas where they may be subject to physical damage or become trip hazards to patrons.  Such cords/cables must be taped to the floor.  NO DUCT, PACKING OR GAFFERS TAPE MAY BE USED ON ANY FLOOR OR FURNITURE AT ANY TIME!
  4. Fireworks are prohibited.
  5. The fire lanes around the Center shall not be obstructed at any time.
  6. Decorations must be taken down in a timely manner by the Lessee after the event is held.


FIRST AID…At the discretion of the Center Director, Lessee may be required to provide certified First Aid personnel during the leased term of an event. Lessee assumes total responsibility for the qualifications and actions of these first aid personnel.  NOTE:  Any accidents or incidents requiring first aid treatment must have a written report and a copy filed with the Center before the close of the business day.


FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS…Flammable Liquids such as, but not limited to: gasoline, kerosene, bottled gas and oil are not permitted inside the facilities of the Center. All such materials, including materials under high pressure, are prohibited unless approved in writing by the Center Director and/or Center Fire Department.


FLOOR PLANS (DIAGRAMS)…A diagram/floor plan must be submitted and approved, allowing adequate aisle space required by the Fire Marshal (5 feet minimum), at least (30) days prior to the first day of set-up.  Floor plans must be drawn as close to scale as possible and with service contractor equipment, aisle widths, primary entrance concession area(s) on show floor or activity rooms indicated.

In the event that the Center does not have an adequate number of tables, chairs, or other personal property suitable to the proposed Lessee, such property shall be rented by the Lessee at their own expense.  The Center shall not be in any manner responsible for such property as may be rented by the Lessee.  Property rented at the Lessee’s expense must be removed from the premise immediately after each event.  A storage fee may be charged if not promptly removed as agreed.


FIRE ALARMS...A false alarm is a felony.  This will result in the loss of the full damage deposit. The Fire Department, Police Department and other emergency response personnel will be called to the Center and the Center will be evacuated until the Fire Department gives the “all clear” and it is determined to be safe to return to the building.


FOG & SMOKE MACHINES...Fog and smoke machines are not allowed to be used in the Center. Exceptions to this policy are made on a case-by-case basis, notification prior to the event.


FREIGHT…All pre-event freight must be signed for by the Lessee or their designated person. Lessee or designated person must send all post-event freight out of the Center.  Any freight left in the leased space after the leased time will be stored by the Center Staff and a storage fee will be charged.


FURNITURE…Furniture belonging to the Center is made available for use during the Lessee’s event. The Lessee and their guests are restricted from damaging, altering, or defacing said furniture before, during and after an event. The event layout for the agreed to space is pre-approved and the room will be setup per the designated agreement. Any changes should be brought to the attention of the Center staff. The Center staff is not obligated contractually to move the Lessee’s belongings.

The Guests of an event are restricted from sitting or standing on any table in the facility.  For safety, tables that are unfolded may not be stacked upon one another.

Center property and Equipment shall not be removed from the facility without the approval of the Director.


GIFTS…Gifts to the Center in the form of materials, equipment, money or other items of value are welcome and may be accepted with the following stipulations:

  1. All gifts shall be approved and accepted by the Director with notification to the board.
  2. All gifts become the property of the Center.
  3. The Director/board reserves the right to decide the conditions of display, housing, use, and fees to be charged, and access to donated items.


HANGING AND CEILING RIGGING…Nothing may be hung, attached to or suspended from any part of the building without the express written consent of the Director of the Center.


HELIUM BALLOON…Helium balloons may not be distributed or sold inside the facility. With the prior approval of the Director, helium balloons may be used as decoration when they are permanently attached to other furniture or a display. If helium balloons are released for any reason within the facility, a charge for the removal of the balloons will be assessed to the Lessee.


HOLIDAYS…Events may be booked for any day of the calendar.  Booking an event on a date considered a national holiday (New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve) is permissible.  However, the rate for renting any part of the facility on these dates will be 1.5 times the normal rate.  This price will include an event for New Year’s Eve.  This includes the damage deposit an all other fees.


HOURS OF OPERATIONS…The Center will be opened by the Director or designee at such times as to enable lessee to prepare for an event.  The Center CLOSES at midnight (12:00 a.m.).  Any event extending (including cleanup time) after midnight,  will be charged a $50.00 per hour (for any portion of the hour).  Should this circumstance occur during the event, this fee will be withheld from the damage deposit refund.  Access to the building prior to 9:00 a.m. for events or setup is available only by pre-arrangement. Deliveries and pickups by a rental company must be communicated to the Director or designee in advance.


KEYS…The Center will not provide the Lessee with keys to any rented spaces. A staff member of the facility, or designee, will be on site at all times during the event, in addition to the time for setting up and cleaning following the event.


KITCHEN…Lessee must lease the kitchen, either for their own use, or for use by their caterer. Any food brought into the building must be catered (with the exception of a birthday/wedding cake).

  1. The kitchen is a caterer’s kitchen – not a cooking kitchen.  NO GAS OR FIRE IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE CENTER’S KITCHEN.
  2. Only the caterer and their staff, or designated people connected with the event) should they not use a caterer – will be allowed in the kitchen.  Absolutely NO CHILDREN under the age of 12 years of age are permitted or allowed in the kitchen.  Lessee will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen after their event, should the caterer fail to do so.


LIGHTS…At no time during an event are the lights to be completely turned out due to safety concerns unless authorized by the Center Director or designee. Permission must be obtained prior to turning off the lights for the display of a DJ’s light effects. NO fog or smoke machines allowed in the facility.


LOBBY… (See Corridors and Hallways)


LOST / DAMAGED ARTICLES…All items that are left after an event will be kept in the Center’s locked storage for one (1) week.  The Center will not be responsible for these items in any way. The Director will make one attempt to locate the event holder to alert him//her of items left in the building, documenting the call in the event file.


MODEST…Everyone involved in or attending an event at the Center will remain fully clothed at all times.  In no case will anyone on the property display any nudity.


MUSIC FRANCISE FEE…Lessee is responsible for paying any fees directly to ASCAP/BMI.


OUTDOOR SIGNAGE…All outdoor signage including but not limited to banners, balloons, and inflatable devises must be approved by the Center Director.  These signs may be installed three (3) days prior to the event, and must be removed the day following the event. (See Banners and Advertisements).


PARKING LOT…The Center parking lot may not be used for commercial exhibits, displays, promotions, etc. without the express written consent of the Center Director.  If permission is granted the Lessee must not drill, bore and/or punch any type of hole in the surface of the parking lot.  Lessee will also leave the parking lot area clean and all trash removed to the dumpster.  Any damage to the landscaping in and around the Center and parking lots will be replaced at the expense of the Lessee.  No vehicles are allowed in or on the grassy areas around the Center without the written permission from the Director.

The parking lot may not be used as the primary location for an event without leasing all of the building for the day(s) involved.


PERMITS / PERMISSION…It is the ultimate responsibility of the Lessee to obtain the necessary permits/permission for their event.  That includes, but is no limited to: health permits, pyrotechnics, music licensing, etc.


PORTABLE WALLS / FREIGHT DOORS…Center personnel are solely authorized to move portable walls, open and close freight doors, change thermostat settings or unlock doors. Lessee must provide written notice in advance of the time these items are to be utilized.  Only requests by the Lessee of an event will be considered in making adjustments to the thermostat(s) for an event.


RV PARKING…No RV parking will be allowed on the Center parking lots. Parking may be secured on parking lot adjacent to the Mansfield Public Library or the DeSoto Parish School Board Office parking area on Crosby Street.


REFUNDS… All refunds of a damage deposit will be mailed to the Lessee within thirty (30) days after the event, providing the facilitates is returned in satisfactory condition and no additional charges accrued during the event.


RENTAL AGREEMENT AND TIMES…All rates are assessed on a full day of use (See Rental Rates and Fees).  All events end at midnight.  Additional time may be purchased for $50.00 per hour for rental and must be paid in advance. (No money can be paid during the event to extend the event’s hours.

No event can go past 12:00 a.m. without the written consent of the Director. The ending time of any event includes the time needed for cleaning.

Reservations must be made in person, by an adult at least 21 years of age.  All persons signing the facility rental contract shall be liable and responsible for any damages and injuries that occur during the rental period.  No person, firm, or corporation shall use any space or facilities at the Center without first completing a Facility Contract.

The Lessee is required to notify the Center Director staff at any time they are entering or leaving the building.  This includes the event itself.


SECURITY…The Director will determine if police security is required during a scheduled activity and will determine the number officers hired for each event. The director will secure and hire the needed officers.  All security used in the facility will be acquired through the Mansfield Police Department or the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office and will be the financial responsibility of the Lessee.  The Lessee will be required to make payment of the security fees in “CASH.” Payment will be made at the time the final payment of the rental fee is due, prior to the beginning of the event.

Any event serving or consuming alcoholic beverages is required to have security (See Alcohol Policy shown above for complete details.). Any non-alcoholic event will have security determined by the Director. The Director, along with the Sheriff’s Office or Police Department, will determine the number of officers, the hours and duties of the officer, which generally will be two security officers per 150 individuals.

Some events may be subject to additional security as determined by the Director, all decisions of the Director are final.




SOUND LEVELS…Due to the fact that the Civic Center may have multiple events taking place at the same time, it will be necessary to control the sound levels of the event.  The Center Director or their authorized representative shall have the final say concerning volume levels at any event in the Center.

Consideration must be given to simultaneous events, as well as the safety of the guests at an event and respect of the community living in close proximity to the facility.  It is necessary that the sound level of an event will not infringe on other events in the facility, nor disturb the peace of the surrounding community.

Events that plan on using a band or DJ will need to notify the Center Director or staff.  No fog machines may be used inside the Center.


TABLE COVERS…Table covers are required for all events on tables where food is served or eaten. NO EXCEPTIONS!


TEMPERTURE CONTROL…Room temperature will be preset by the Center staff. If an adjustment is necessary during the event, the Lessee or their designated contact person should notify a staff member.  No actions will be taken from general comments regarding heating or cooling.


TICKETS…Lessee is responsible for furnishing all tickets and for advance and performance date sale of tickets.  Lessee shall not, under any circumstances, print or sell more tickets for any one performance than there are seats available.


VEHICLES…No vehicles are permitted on walkways or landscaped areas. Loading and unloading must be from the Crosby Street Entrance.  Vehicles left unattended in loading areas will be towed at the owner’s expense.  The Center is not responsible for damage or loss of possessions.



The Clista A. Calhoun Center, its Director and the Friends of the Mansfield Female College Museum reserve the right to suspend any contractual requirement.  The suspensions will occur by a majority vote in regular of special session of the Friends of the Mansfield Female College Museum or by a majority of a polled vote done and recorded by the President of the Mansfield Female College Museum.

You may submit your acknowledgement that you have read the Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by them, by completing the “Online Rules and Regulations Form” shown below.